1. Get To Know Iberian Ham: 

Knowing Its History Will Allow You To Understand The Gastronomic Treasure We Are Talking About. Jamón Ibérico Is A Culinary Masterpiece From My Native Spain (Península Ibérica), Made Exclusively From The Meat Of Black-Hoofed Iberian Pigs. The Finest Of All Jamón Ibérico — The Classification Of Which Is Regulated By Stringent Real Decreto Del Reino De España Guidelines — Is Made From A Special Breed Of Iberian Pigs That Are Fed At The Last Winter Of Their Lives With Only Acorns, Or Bellotas, And Free Range Pasture 

Iberico Ham
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2. Know The Authentic Brands:

 Learn To Identify The Best Brands Characterized By The Product's Authenticity And Originality. Fermin, Covap, And Cinco Jotas Are Some Of Spain's Most Authentic And Highest-Quality Brands For Spanish Ham, Caring About Quality, Tradition, And Flavor. Barceloneta Market Sells These Brands.Iberico Ham


3. Learn How To Choose A Good Iberico Ham: The Most Fascinating Part Of Jamon Iberico Is The Fact That Every Jamon Is Different. There Are Different Categories, Different Textures, Flavours And Costings Associated With These Variations. For An Untrained Eye, This May Seem A Little Overwhelming And You May Not Know Where To Start. This Is Going To Be The Ultimate Buying Guide For Buying Iberico Ham. You Should Know That Each Ham Must Be Identified With A Specific Color That Defines Its Feeding And Breeding Factors Of The Pig. There Are Currently 4 Label Colors:

- White: a 50% Iberian breed pig (crossbred:

100% Iberian Mother And 100% Duroc Father, In Most Cases) Fed On Cereals. This Is The Entry Level: It Is A Good Ham, But Far From The Other Iberian Options.

- Light green:

The Same 50% Iberian Breed As The Previous One, But In This Case The Pig Is Free Range, So It Is Fed On Pasture And Whatever The Animal Finds In The Forest. Please Note That Neither Of These Two Options Is Available At Love Iberico.

- Dark Green:

Pure Iberico (From 100% Iberico Mother And Father), Free Range, Pasture Raised. This Is A Better Quality Than The Previous Two.

- Black:

This Is The Top Of The Range, The Best Ham On The Market, The 100% Acorn-Fed Iberian Breed, Also Known As "Bellota" In Spanish And Also The Only One (Let Me Repeat: The Only One) That Can Be Called "Pata Negra".

This Variety Of Authentic Color hams And A Menu With All Types Of Iberico Ham, Only At Barceloneta Market


Iberico Ham

4. Choose the ham by its cuts

Not All Hams Are Created Equally, Nor Should They All Be Sliced In The Same Way. Machine Sliced Jamón May Work For The Right Occasion, But For A Full Sensorial Experience, Hand Carved Jamón Is The Way To Go.

Carve Your Jamón Any Other Way, And You May Find Yourself Shortchanged From That Unforgettable Experience. Hand Carved Jamón, When Cut Right, Enhances The Flavors, Properties, And Nuances In Every Slice, Offering A More Succulent, Fulfilling, And Visually Attractive Product.

But Don't Worry! At Barceloneta Market, We Offer Only The Best Hand-Carved Jamón, Cut By Master Carvers Right In The Heart Of Spain.

5. Select a good dealer:

Fortunately you are on the page of the best dealer. What differentiates us from the rest? We are obsessed with quality and exclusivity, we are passionate about authentic and well-selected ham. In our store, the products are already selected to comply with the previous keys, which guarantee an unforgettable and authentic experience for your palate. Barceloneta Market is the only place you can find a package of 100% Ibérico de Bellota Jamón or the whole authentic pata negra at the best price  in the U.S. Barceloneta Emerged On The Scene In 2011 And Was One Of The Original Venues That Amplified Sunset Harbour Into The Fashionable Miami Neighborhood It Is Now Reputed For. A Trendy & Casual Venue Immersed In Spanish Mediterranean Cuisine. A few weeks ago we celebrated our 11th anniversary., With An Expansion That Allows Us To Announce That The Flavors Of Barceloneta Miami Will Now Arrive At Your Door.

Iberico Ham

6. How To Buy? That Is Your Other Advantage, We Will Leave You A Button That Will Facilitate The Whole Experience Of Buying An Authentic Iberico Ham. The Button Below Takes You To Our Flagship Product, The Best Seller, The Best Of All, Free Shipping. What Are You Waiting For? It's Time To Try The Taste Of A Real Spanish Iberico Ham

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January 03, 2023 — Gabriel Velez Quinones