In the last posts we have mentioned about the friendly practices regarding Iberian ham and also about some differences between these 2 kinds of hams, so if you want to know how to choose the best ham, we hope you will follow our next tips:

1. Budget: When reviewing the market price of the two hams, you will notice that the Iberian ham costs almost twice the value of the Serrano ham, while a Serrano ham ranges between 300 dollars, the cheapest Iberian ham is around 500 dollars and even more, however, this price is understandable when you understand the nature from which these two species come from.

Iberico Ham

2. Label and label color: It should contain a label that says Feeding Factor - Breeding Factor, remember that they are 100% acorn-fed and raised in the Spanish Dehesas.

Also, you should know that each ham must be identified with a specific color that defines its feeding and breeding factors of the pig. There are currently 4 label colors:

- White: a 50% Iberian breed pig (crossbred: 100% Iberian mother and 100% Duroc father, in most cases) fed on cereals. This is the entry level: it is a good ham, but far from the other Iberian options.

- Light green: the same 50% Iberian breed as the previous one, but in this case the pig is free range, so it is fed on pasture and whatever the animal finds in the forest. Please note that neither of these two options is available at Love Iberico.

- Dark Green: pure Iberico (from 100% Iberico mother and father), free range, pasture raised. This is a better quality than the previous two.

- Black: this is the top of the range, the best ham on the market, the 100% acorn-fed Iberian breed, also known as "Bellota" in Spanish and also the only one (let me repeat: the only one) that can be called "Pata Negra".

Iberico Ham

3. Size: A good ham has an approximate size of 16 to 18 lbs, uniformly cured, the color of Serrano Ham is a little more skin colored than Iberico Ham, that is a good tactic to distinguish these 2 types of hams.

Remember these key points for your next choice of ham, see the differences for yourself and don't forget to leave us your comments.

October 31, 2022 — Carolina Gomez