One of the favorite dishes of the vast majority of people are canned products, as they help us save time and have the food ready in a matter of seconds, however, although they are delicious many times they do not meet the expected expectations, has it happened to you?

Well, in Spain one of the most favored canned products are the Spanish canned seafood products that are among the highest quality gourmet products in the country and, in many cases, are even better than their fresh counterparts.

You may wonder why these canned seafood are favored among the thousand canned seafoods in the world, so I will tell you a little bit about why these canned seafoods, even though they are more popular, are usually more expensive than the other canned seafoods.

Serving Spanish canned seafood

Spanish gourmet canned seafood is usually preserved in a way that keeps the product fresh and brings out its flavors, serving it in salads, with toasted bread or with a little lemon juice. The most practical thing in the world sometimes turns out to be the most exquisite.

Cost of Spanish preserves.

As well as the Iberian pork, the Spanish preserves are usually more expensive because of the freshness that they offer in their product and because these require a whole artisan process that does not pollute or harm the environment, these products are obtained in the best places of Spain.

It's all in the process

High-quality fish and seafood are gently cooked at their optimum point of freshness and then immediately preserved in ingredients that complement their flavor, rather than detract from it. That means excellent extra virgin olive oil, a simple marinade sauce flavored with vinegar and spices or, in the case of squid, its own ink.

The end result is very different from canned tuna packed in water. The freshness of the fish at the time of preservation, the depth of flavors and the overall quality of the final product make it worth the price.

Types of Spanish canned seafood

Sardines, anchovies, mussels or tuna? We know that learning to recognize these minute differences can be very confusing and even more so when you're just starting to love Spanish food and all its derivations. Which is why we've created a short list of some of these preserves to help you become an expert on Spanish seafood.


One of the most prized Spanish preserves, the best Spanish anchovies usually come from the Bay of Biscay. They are cured in salt, expertly cleaned and deboned and canned in the best extra virgin olive oil.


The best canned mussels come from Galicia. They are usually covered with a light marinade sauce based on vinegar, paprika, garlic, salt and bay leaf. Larger mussels are best if you can find them; the longer they have to grow before canning, the better they will keep.



These little guys are in the clam family. Look for Galician ones and enjoy them with a nice glass of Albariño wine.


Sardinas (Sardines)

The best Spanish canned seafood for making a quick tapa! Toast up some bread and drizzle on extra virgin olive oil, then top it with a sun-dried tomato and a juicy sardine. Easy and super impressive!


Tuna Belly

One of the most delicate and delicious morsels you will ever taste. It is perfect with seasonal Spanish tomatoes, but also goes great with any salad.

Tuna Belly

Now that you know about Spanish canned food, we invite you to visit our Seafood section to crave for all our canned food and leave us your comments about your experience with these products.

February 06, 2023 — Carolina Gomez