As you know, Iberian ham is a cured ham, which means that it undergoes an artisan process to offer the exquisite flavor of the product, which is one of the reasons why it is much more expensive than traditional ham. The question is, is it worth choosing Iberian ham because of its high cost? Well, here are some of the other reasons why Iberian ham costs what it does.

The production of Iberian ham is an art form.

The Iberian ham comes from a small black pig, which grows in pastures where it is fed freely on acorns in an extensive livestock, allowing them to grow free of artificial products that damage or alter the original flavor of the ham, which makes it an organic ham and an ambassador of Spanish food, its flavor is exquisite and you can enjoy each cut of ham as an experience on your palate. Delicious!


The taste of Iberian ham is a delight!

Without a doubt, the flavor of Iberian ham is incomparable to that of traditional ham, not only because its presentation is more beautiful and fine, but also because the whole process to obtain this ham is an art. There is no doubt that the best things in life require that you invest a little more than usual, the same goes for food, I think that both you and I would not eat a food that is in poor condition or would not attend a restaurant that has a bad rating for using low quality products in their food, am I right?

At the end of the day, the most important thing at a dinner with friends, a meeting with your bosses at work or a special evening, is that the whole presentation of the dish is spectacular and Iberian ham does provide a sense of luxury. Gourmet ham is an art, the producers of this Iberian ham must love what they do, because from the breeding of the pigs to the curing and the last piece of ham, it requires dedication, effort and love.

The whole Iberian ham experience from the comfort of your home.

Getting an Iberian ham to take home was once almost impossible, but now it is available from online stores dedicated to the delicacy or Spanish food products, for example, Barceloneta Market.

Everyone involved in the Iberico trade is committed to the quality of the product and the idea of providing the best Spanish flavors, so you know that bringing the Spanish flavor to the United States is a tedious process and requires certificates and proof that it is a pig raised in the Spanish pastures.

A treat now and then is not a bad thing.

Yes, as you may already know, Iberian ham is more expensive than ham.

Splurge a little, it deserves it.

Yes, Iberian ham is more expensive than most hams, but it also tastes a hundred times better. We are talking about an artisanal product with centuries of tradition, and that is priceless.

Like other gourmet products, such as champagne or caviar, Iberian ham is a delight to commemorate special occasions. Cutting a leg of ham is a special occasion in itself. So, splurge a little and treat yourself. You deserve it, and your taste buds will thank you too. Share Iberian ham with your loved ones and make it part of your life.

November 08, 2022 — Carolina Gomez