Barceloneta emerged on the scene in 2011 and was one of the original venues that amplified sunset harbour into the fashionable miami neighborhood it is now reputed for. A trendy & casual venue immersed in spanish mediterranean cuisine. This month we are celebrating 11 year old anniversary, with an expansion that allows us to announce that the flavors of Barceloneta Miami will now arrive at your door.

We are Barceloneta Market online store, coming together to bring the best food from Spain to your home. Before anything else, we want to share with you why we are here, the products we are carrying, and what is in our future for you.

We believe Spain offers the best food in the world for many reasons: First, Spanish food conveys the perfect balance of combining multiple ingredients for maximum effect, bringing a consistently enjoyable dining experience all year round.

Second, Spain's Geography And Traditions Respect And Embrace Artisan And Honest Production Methods With Naturally Sourced Ingredients That Respect Every Step To Bring You The Best Quality, Flavor, And Health. As A Result, Spanish Food Is Considered One Of The Most Healthy Foods In The World

We Listen To Our Customers. With Barceloneta Market, Our Customers Can Taste And Appreciate The Best Flavors From The Iberian Peninsula: From 100% Iberico De Bellota Pork, Plenty Of Cold Cuts And Fresh Cuts Like Loin And Chorizo, Spanish Cheese, And Other Hand-Picked Delicious Ingredients.

As Time Passes, We Are Looking Forward To Including More Products. We Are Open To Your Suggestions And To Satisfy Your Taste And Delicate Palate.
La Barceloneta Market Offers Free Delivery On Orders Of $250 Or More. So You Can Enjoy These Products With Your Friends And Family Every Time, With The Peace Of Mind Our Brand Brings.

We Are Happy To Be Here For You!!