Jamón ibérico, Spain’s iconic ham, is one of the great world foods. At its best, it comes as translucent ruby-purple slivers, so thinly sliced you can see through it to the inscription on the knife.

The thin edge of creamy fat melts on the tongue, mingling with the complex, nutty flavour of the pork: a perfect bite of rich, luscious umami. Spain produces more than 40 million hams a year but while there are some perfectly acceptable jamón serrano, made from white pigs, the ibérico is the real stuff.

Below we show you the best brands, which you find exclusively in our Barceloneta market store. 


Proud to be the first Iberico brand to arrive in the US.

We produce and import the largest number of Ibérico dry cured products in the market. For the past 60 years, Fermin has been producing the highest quality of Iberico in La Sierra de Francia, more than 1.000 meters in elevation in the heart of a National Park declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

Iberico Ham


Cinco Jotas has been carrying out this process since 1879, 141 years, in search of excellence in taste. It arose from the idea of Juan Rafael Sánchez Romero, to open the first slaughterhouse of pure Iberian Jabugo pig (when they say pure indicates that there is no crossbreeding in the genetics of the animals.

Iberico Ham


At COVAP "They are farmers". With all that this means: they have their own herd of 100% Iberian Breed pigs, registered in the herd book.

Their authenticity, free-range breeding in our pastures (for approximately two years, enjoying 10,000 square meters per animal) and their feed, makes each of their Iberian products a unique piece.

Iberico Ham

November 21, 2022 — Carolina Gomez