There are many types of fine cured meat worldwide, but few are as remarkable as the Spanish ham leg, Iberico ham, or in Spanish, jamon Iberico. The Spanish cured meat is truly special, not only because it is a traditional product with thousands of years of history, but also because it is incredibly hard to produce.

Spanish Iberian ham is not the only ham in the country, as Spanish ham comes in many styles. Still, Iberian ham is unique, and here’s why.

The History Behind Jamon Iberico

Legend says Spanish shepherds saw one of their pigs drown in a particularly salty river. After cooking it, they discovered its exquisite taste. Of course, the real origin of Iberico jamon goes back to the earliest Mediterranean civilizations. Pigs arrived in Europe as far back as 1500 BC and were popularized throughout the old continent.

Spain’s black Iberian pig might be one of the oldest breeds to arrive in Europe, and it evolved to the country’s dry flatlands. Today, the best Iberico ham from Spain is made with such a special breed. In 1992, Spain created appellations to protect and guarantee the quality of Iberico ham, the outstanding Denominaciones de Origen, and the rest is history.

What Makes Iberian Ham Special?

The breeds. Iberian ham is unique for several reasons. For starters, it is made with a select number of breeds, from which the Iberico pig is the most prized. These pigs are widely known for their amount of fat.

The feeding. Then you have what the pigs eat. The finest Iberico ham jamon is made with pigs that roamed free, feeding on acorns. If the animals were fed grains and other fodder, they produce less noteworthy ham.

The process. Finally, Iberico ham is remarkable for the lengthy curing process, in which the legs are salt-cured and dry-aged for extended periods. The result is melt-in-your-mouth ham with the sweetest meat.

How to Enjoy Iberian Ham?

Iberico ham is more than a delicacy; it’s an experience. The best way to enjoy it is to get yourself a whole leg and slice it as needed. Of course, Iberico ham for sale comes in many forms, and sliced jamon is typical, too.

Once you get your hands on authentic Iberico ham jamon, whether Iberico ham 5J, Pata Negra Ham or Paleta de Bellota, call some friends over and pair the ham with a robust red wine. Ham is the perfect wine partner and a tasty snack and appetizer — you can also cook with Iberico jamon! The sky’s the limit.

Jamon Iberico, an Authentic Treat

Jamon Iberico is truly something special and is one of the most exciting Spanish products. There’s no doubt even a few slices of the cured meat can turn a reunion into a party and any meal into a feast.

Treat yourself to authentic Iberico ham. If you’re looking for Spanish ham near me, look no further — we have some of the most exquisite Iberico ham for sale, and we deliver. Make ham part of your life and give Spanish flair to your table. It’s hard to miss out on quality like this.

December 27, 2022 — franco salzillo