Spain has a vibrant cuisine and rich food traditions, every town in the Iberian country seems to have its own traditional dishes and specialties. Interestingly, in a country with such diversity, a food delicacy rises as an ambassador of Spain: Iberico ham.

Iberian ham is a type of Spanish ham, and it is known in Spanish as jamon Iberico. This is one of the most decadent cured meats in Europe, and it is popular with connoisseurs worldwide; let’s find out why. Read on and learn more about Spanish Iberian ham. If you want to try the delicacy, don’t browse for ‘Spanish ham near me; ’ we are suppliers!

Not All Ham Is Created Equal

Every culture worldwide has some cured meat. So, why is Spanish ham unique? The secret is in the country itself and its climate.

Spain is an arid, hilly country, and it is in the highlands where the conditions are right to air-dry ham legs as people have done for centuries. The tradition might go back to Ancient Rome!

A Spanish ham leg is on another level for its historical significance, the quality of the local pigs and the talent of the artisan Spanish ham makers. Iberico ham from Spain is utterly unique.

The Secret Behind Iberian Ham

Making Iberian ham is no easy feat — it’s a lengthy, labor-intensive process, and that’s part of the jamon Iberico ham’s success. For starters, producers can use only meat from selected types of pigs to make Iberico ham — ideally, free-roaming Iberico pigs.

After the pigs are processed, their legs are salt-cured with sea salt one day for every kilo of meat; they are washed and hung to dry.

Hams can spend between 3-9 months hanging before being sent to a cellar, where they can age for up to four years! Only 10% of all ham made in Spain is authentic Iberico ham.

Types of Iberian Ham

Although maturation is critical in determining the type of ham, the most significant difference between expensive Iberico jamon and affordable one has to do with what the pigs eat.

The finest Iberico Ham legs are labeled bellota and are made with ham fed exclusively with acorns. They label ham from pigs that feed on acorns and other feedstuffs as Cebo de Campo, while those that only consume fodder are labeled as Cebo Iberico. The Iberian ham price can vary, but the most expensive varieties are certainly ten times tastier than the least costly hams.

Treat Yourself to Authentic Iberian Ham

Now that you know more about why connoisseurs love Iberico ham, it’s time to treat yourself to the delicacy. Order an Iberico ham leg and call friends for a lovely dinner party. And if you need Iberico ham recipes or ideas about what Iberico ham to buy, explore our site. We’re here to help.

Spanish Iberian ham is larger than life and up there with the most exciting foods worldwide. The best part? Spanish ham is available to everyone, so why not try it? Iberico ham will change the way you see Spanish food forever.

December 20, 2022 — franco salzillo