Let's talk about Spanish chorizo and why it is considered the best in the world. Spanish chorizo is one of the best products derived from pork, considered number 1 for its extraordinary quality and a wide variety of sausages. Chorizo is made from the meat of this animal, the pig, using lean meat, pork fat, paprika, salt and other different spices depending on the area and the type of chorizo.

Both the meat and the fat or bacon, once minced, are mixed with paprika, salt and different spices and stuffed into the intestine, although in some types another type of artificial casing is used to stuff it. Subsequently, it is subjected to different procedures for its preservation, which also give rise to different types of chorizo.

Thus, although a similar process is followed in the elaboration of chorizo, there are numerous variants that are used to give a unique touch to each type of chorizo, which is why before choosing the chorizo of your preference, you should know some variants.

White chorizo or Iberian chorizo?
In our previous blogs we have told you a little about the Iberian pig and all its advantages over other pigs - if you still don't know about it I invite you to visit our Blogs section - so it is not surprising that the best chorizo is the one from the Iberian pig, but let's learn more.
Serrano chorizo comes from different types by geographical areas, such as chorizo from Leon, chorizo from Asturias, chorizo from Pamplona with its delicious chistorra from Navarra and other geographical areas. These Spanish chorizos can be found in the form of chorizo de sarta and chorizo de herradura, as is the case of chorizo de revilla.

On the other hand, Iberian chorizo is usually found in the form of chorizo cular or chorizo vela. The main geographical areas with Denomination of Origin where Iberian chorizos are produced are: Guijuelo, Jabugo, Los Pedroches and Extremadura. Depending on the breed of pig, we can find chorizo ibérico de cebo, chorizo ibérico de cebo de campo, chorizo ibérico de bellota and chorizo de pata negra.

Another aspect that will determine the price and quality is the amount of fat added to the Spanish chorizo. It should be taken into account that the more fat added to the chorizo, the lower its selling price, but also its flavor and quality.
Chorizo Ibérico

Sweet chorizo or spicy chorizo?
The difference between these chorizos lies in the paprika used in the preparation, for example, the sweet chorizo is made with sweet or spicy paprika, while the spicy chorizo is made with sweet and sour or hot paprika, to which ground cayenne is added to increase its spiciness.

Chorizo according to the product's finishing process
There are three categories of chorizo according to the finishing process: fresh chorizo, cured chorizo and smoked chorizo.
Fresh Chorizo is roasted or grilled and after being stuffed, it is simply subjected to an "oreo" process that produces a very soft drying. This Spanish chorizo is made to be eaten cooked, fried, barbecued or added to other stews, as a complement and to add its flavor. This fried chorizo is delicious. The slaughtering of the pig, or matanza del cochino, which is done in some places, results in a chorizo de pueblo, a delicious homemade chorizo.

Cured Chorizo or Chorizo Seco, undergoes a curing process by air-drying for a few months. It is usually consumed raw, without previous cooking, cut in slices, in appetizers, sandwiches, etc. Due to the way it is cured, it can be kept for long periods of time in dry environments and is one of the most appreciated ways of preparing chorizo.

Finally, there is the Smoked Chorizo, or Smoke Cured Chorizo, which consists of subjecting the chorizo, after stuffing, to a curing process with smoke. This type of curing is mainly used in areas where the humidity does not allow air-drying, since this humidity would spoil the chorizo. It also allows long periods of conservation of the finished product.

Chorizo iberico

Curious fact
If you do not eat meat or are in the process of becoming a vegan, we recommend the Vegan Chorizo known as Calabizo.
If you are watching your figure and trying to exclude meat, fats or certain foods from pork from your diet, we recommend turkey chorizo, its flavor and texture is totally different, but it is an incredible option for your diet.

December 12, 2022 — Carolina Gomez