The best Iberian ham in Spain, but I don't know how to keep it!!

Iberico ham is one of Spain's most prized foods, being one of the products that best represent Spanish gastronomy and that have delighted the palate of good ham lovers in Miami.

We know that a few days ago you bought one of the best Iberian hams in Spain, but now you don't know how to cut it so as not to damage it and preserve it? Well, here are some tips on how to cut your ham correctly, along with how to take care of it in order to preserve it for a longer period of time.

Iberico Ham

1.- It is necessary to have a long knife and a flexible support of excellent quality.

Normally you can use one of the knives found in your kitchen, but, you need one of each if you want to do it right. You can always use one of your kitchen knives and ask your wife to hold it while you try to cut it, but please don't hold us responsible if you cut yourself or, worse, if your wife cuts herself (remember that divorces are much more expensive than a stand and a good knife). Don't be stingy: it pays to have the right tools.

2.- If it's pleasing to the eye, it's time to eat.

Iberico hams take between 36 months to cure, so they are not greasy but on the contrary, they are completely ready to be consumed. So no, please no, don't keep them in your fridge, they are not cold-friendly, what's more, they don't like it one bit, contact with the cold could spoil them, so it's better to keep them in your kitchen in a safe place. at room temperature to keep it longer.

3.- Prepare the part of the ham that you are going to consume.

Ham is like life, sometimes it is necessary to look deep inside to obtain the tastiest and crunchiest.

Previously we told you that the curing process takes approximately 36 months, forming a layer of fat around the meat to keep it fresh, so do not forget that the external part is no longer edible and that it must be cut so that you can enjoy the best part of the ham, cut only the yellow fat keeping only the white/pink. Also, only cut out the part you are going to carve and leave the rest in its original shape.

4.- The best side is the one you choose.

The question is whether to carve the right or left side of the ham first, so our advice is to enjoy the best part, the mace, the widest and fattest part of the ham!"

5.- The thinner the slice, the better experience.

You have wondered whether to cut the ham into long, short, thick or thin pieces, so remember, the thinner the better and a maximum of 3 inches long, you will be able to take the whole slice to your mouth without complications and you will be aware of how it is it melts little by little in your mouth, exquisite!!

6.- Fat is our best friend.

We usually think that the fattier a food, the more damage it will cause to our body, however, when we talk about Iberian ham, fat is our best friend, it helps to better preserve the flavor and texture of our ham, so do not leave all the fat in the dish, enjoy a little and you will get an even more exquisite taste.

7.- Cover your ham as we deliver it.

Yes, again we repeat that thanks to the fat the ham is preserved, so when you finish cutting the part that you are going to consume, do not forget to wrap and cover the rest of the ham with the fat again, you can use transparent film to isolate to the maximum the ham.

8.- In case of humidity in your ham.

The ham is preserved as long as you take care of it and the environment you provide it with, however, many times due to humidity situations at home, white parts can appear on the ham. Do not be scared, there is a solution! You only need paper, olive oil and clean that moldy area, you will see how the mold on your ham disappears almost magically.

9.- Every part of the ham counts, be creative.

Good lovers of ham do not waste a slice, because it is delicious and each part counts for us. So if after cutting the slices you have leftovers in different sizes, do not waste them and prepare them together with other foods, such as mushrooms, salads, gazpacho, among other incredible recipes that you can prepare with the rest of the ham.

Including the bones, use them to prepare broths or delicious soups with the best Spanish flavor.

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October 31, 2022 — Carolina Gomez