The ham comes from the term ham in Spain and is applied to both the Serrano and the Ibérico. Surely, just like us, we think that both the Serrano Ham and the Iberico Ham are delicious, each one with its unique characteristics and flavors, as well as being excellent as companions or as the main ingredient of a dinner, however, although both hams are spectacular , there are great differences that you should know before making your next purchase.

Exclusivity in dinners.

Let's start with exclusivity, it is well known that the one that offers the greatest exclusivity and quality is the Iberian ham due to its natural ingredients, it is the norm for dinner for a great event or Thanksgiving dinner. On the other hand, Serrano ham, although it is exclusive and delicious, is more consumed by families on common occasions in life, for example, it is dinner during the week or to snack at a meeting.

Iberico Ham

Which ham offers higher quality?

Again, there is no hesitation in mentioning that Iberico Ham is at the top of the best ham you can eat, do you know why? Simple, because everything starts from the field, in a natural environment and fed on a specific diet that guarantees that the Iberian ham does not contain any preservatives or artificial flavors, cured for approximately 36 months, yes, the waiting time is a bit long, but we assure you that it is worth the wait. Simply spectacular!

October 31, 2022 — Carolina Gomez