Vegetables Paella Kit 4 portions - Just add Vegetables

$39.59 USD


Ready-to-make Paella Kit. This paella kit is perfect for someone who doesn’t have the time or all of the ingredients handy to make their own paella from scratch. It contains the main ingredients packed in a box, with the rice in a separate bag and the pan to use to bring it all together on your stovetop. All you have to do is add water (or your favorite broth), your favorite fresh seafood, meat or vegetables and mix everything in the paella pan.

To share the joy of paella with the world, Carmencita developed a vegetable paella kit that will surely leave you hooked on the wonders of this Spanish delicacy.

This kit contains your enameled paella pan, olive oil, rice, and dehydrated broth with saffron, all the spices you need for an authentic seafood paella.

All you need to include is your favorite vegetables, but we recommend diced tomato, chickpeas, artichoke, bell pepper, parsley, peas & lemon juice.

Made by Carmencita. Size 4 portions. Ingredients: Rice, extra virgin olive oil, Dry Stock: Spices (garlic, Nora pepper, onion, paprika, pepper, and saffron), salt, natural flavors, sugar, tomato, and color added (Tumeric oleoresin). Product of Spain.