Casa De Alba - Eucalyptus Artisanal 300 gr | 100% Natural

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Casa De Alba - Eucalyptus Artisanal 300 gr | 100% Natural

This gorgeous monofloral Eucalyptus honey has a royal pedigree the honey is sourced from the Casa de Alba estates, one of the oldest aristocratic houses in Spain, with ties to most European royal houses. Noble honey indeed! Harvested in estates in Salamanca, Spain, this beautifully earthy, locally-produced honey is rich and delicious. The bees happily buzz around woods filled with eucalyptus trees, the honey developing a delightful flavor.

Eucalyptus honey is fragrant and refreshing, not only delicious but also full of the health properties contained in this wonderful tree. It's our go-to honey for coughs and colds, and to soothe sore and scratchy throats. The rich woodsy and not-too-sweet flavor makes it the perfect choice to pair with meats for marinades and glazes, for roasts and baking.

Casa de Alba is a renowned Spanish Estate, one of the oldest in Spain, until recently helmed by the late Duchess of Alba, a strong-willed woman filled with personality and joie de vivre. One of her last wishes was to develop a line of foods and ingredients sourced out of her own vast and rich estates, and that dream is now a reality. The Estate is famed for its olive oil, sherry vinegar, craft beer, Iberico ham, artisan cheeses, and a myriad of other gourmet foods that are locally sourced and artisanally produced in de Alba Estates.

Ingredients: 100% pure eucalyptus honey. Storage: Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Availability:Usually ships within 1 business day. The product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.