Authentic Serrano Ham (Bone-in) 18-24 months/ Jamon Serrano - 16-18lbs


Authentic Serrano Ham Cured Fermin 24 months 16-18lbs (Jamon Serrano 24 meses)

This authentic Serrano ham is an exquisite Iberian delicacy, dry-cured for 18-24 months in Spain. It starts with high-quality Iberico ham, sourced from and processed in small artisanal batches. Boasting a distinct, nutty flavor, each 16-18 lb ham is perfect for any special occasion

Jamón Serrano literally means, mountain ham and, of all the hams available in the U.S., these are the most authentic from this standpoint. Each ham is hung to dry in the cool, clean mountain air where it ages for 20-24 months.

Cured for a minimun of 18 months using artisanal methods in La Alberca, Spain, a Natural Reserve declared a World Heritage.
Gluten and Lactose Free.
Our pigs are older, heavier and fattier than the pigs from North Europe. This is a guarantee of higher quality. It means a ham more tasty and complex.
We are proud to bring the authentic Serrano in the US market, made from pigs born, raised and processed entirely in Spain.
Ham Holder not included.