Hand Cut Shoulder Ham - 5 Jotas Iberico de Bellota ready to serve Fresh ham - 3 packs x 2.5Oz each

$160.00 USD


Barceloneta Market proudly introduces a new product, Pure Iberico Ham de Bellota shoulder  Hand Cut by Knife, which retains all the characteristics of flavor, aroma and texture of pure Iberian acorn ham, achieved only when done with a knife and by a master in the art of ham cut, vacuum packed in sachets of one pound and sent through the postal service "Second Day". 

Pure Iberico Ham de Bellota Hand Cut by Knife by a master cutter is elaborated from pure iberico ham de bellota which is the best ham with bone, a piece that retains the properties and tastes better as compared to the same piece of boneless ham. Once cut the slices of ham, they are packaged immediately to avoid losing any of its properties.