Mahon Cheese - 1 Lb

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Mahon Cheese- 1 lb

Mahon cheese is also a name-controlled cheese, DO cow’s milk cheese from the island of Menorca, Balearic Islands. Pale yellow in color with numerous eyes and rounded edges, this four-month-aged cheese has a characteristic orange rind. Creamy with a nutty finish, Mahon cheese is versatile in the kitchen: you could use it as a splendid sandwich cheese or prepare something more sophisticated. It has been made since Roman times. The milk is thermalized, not pasteurized or raw's milk. Someone once asked how the cows came to be on Menorca and we were told by the producer that they swam there! Funny how an island small in size is such a big cheese producer. Mahon is very popular in Spain and in the UK. And guess what? Matches great with a cold beer. It becomes a hard cheese with aging.

If you want to pair it with wine Spanish fruity reds like Rioja or Ribera or sweet Porto go perfectly well, aged Mahon develops a more sharp and tangy intensity and it can easily compete with most famous gruyere or gouda. A rare and not so famous cheese that definitely deserves more recognition at your cheese shop.

Creamy and Delightful With a light Nutty Finish.

Excellent for grating and fondue.

Made in Mahon, the capital of Menorca island.