Manchego Extra Aged and Parmigiano Reggiano

$34.99 USD


8 oz. Parmigiano cheese wedge & 8 oz. Manchego cheese wedge. This cow's milk Parmigiano is aged for minimum 24 months. Manchego, on the other hand, is a sheep's milk young type. 3 months aged. Prepare a cheese platter and serve with bread or grapes. Prepare to enjoy all the flavors of 2 of the most famous cheeses in the world. Try also to cook with them, both are great for grating!

8 oz. wedge Parmigiano 24 months. Cow's milk

8 oz. wedge Manchego 12 months. Sheep's milk

Compare the two most famous cheeses from Italy and Spain in one tapa

Intense, complex and nutty flavor for two of the World's best cheeses.