Iberico Ham | Premium Fermin Paleta de Cebo de Campo - 10-12 lbs


Premium and Delicious Fermin Paleta de Cebo de Campo Iberico Ham - 10-12 lbs

Discover the award-winning taste of Jamón Ibérico - the ultimate Spanish ham made from 100% purebred Iberian pigs, known for their delicious and distinctive flavor. Our Jamón Ibérico is handcrafted using traditional artisanal techniques and only the finest quality ingredients, ensuring a premium product that is natural, authentic, and bursting with flavor.

Whether you call it Iberico ham, Spanish ham, Pata Negra, Bellota ham, or Jabugo ham, our acorn-fed Jamón Ibérico is the perfect addition to any dining experience. Each slice is a masterpiece, with a complex and intense flavor that is unparalleled in the world of cured meats.


🍖 Made from 100% purebred Iberian pigs, raised on a diet of acorns and natural pastures, resulting in a unique and unforgettable taste.

🍖 Crafted using traditional and artisanal techniques that have been passed down for generations, resulting in a product that is authentic, natural, and full of character.

🍖 Handcrafted in the region of Jabugo, known for producing the best quality Jamón Ibérico in Spain.

🍖 No preservatives or additives - this ham is a natural product, made with only the highest quality ingredients.

Whether you're enjoying it as a tapa, on a charcuterie board, or as the centerpiece of a Spanish-inspired meal, our Jamón Ibérico is perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Don't settle for less - order the best Jamón Ibérico today and experience the true taste of Spain!