Cinco Jotas Acorn fed (Whole bone-in ham) 13-16 Pounds

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Pata negra Acorn fed (Whole bone-in ham) Cinco jotas 12-20 lbs | 100% iberico ham

Pata negra, Acorn fed (Whole bone-in ham) Cinco jotas 12-20 lbs | 100% pata negra, the best pata negra iberico ham.

The finest jamon iberico pata negra and the best iberico ham price in USA.

Cinco Jotas acorn-fed 100% ibérico ham is a decadent pleasure that many consider being the most exclusive gourmet jamón in the world. Acorn-fed 100% ibérico ham par excellence brought to you directly from the age-old dehesas of Jabugo in southwest Spain.

Cinco Jotas ham comes only from pure-bred iberico pigs raised free-range in the dehesas. It's a long and slow process: a typical 100% ibérico pig takes nearly two years to reach full development, followed by about three years of natural curing in local cellars.

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100% Ibérico pork ham, sea salt, seasoning (sugar, sodium nitrite, potassium nitrate, sodium ascorbate).

Nutritional Information

Serving size 1 oz (28g). Servings per container varied. Calories 90. Calories from fat 50. Total fat 5g (7%), Saturated fat 2g (8%), Trans fat 0g (0%). Cholesterol 8mg (3%), Sodium 500mg (21%), Total carbohydrate less than 1g (0%), Dietary fiber 0g (0%), Sugars 0g, Protein 10g. Vitamin A 0%, Vitamin C 0%, Calcium 1%, Iron 6%. *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calories diet.