Set Andreu - 12 servings

$164.99 USD


This set is perfect for starters and is ideal for making paellas. This kit includes the paella burner, the paella pan, and the supporting legs. This popular pan is perfect for making authentic and delicious paella. It is shallow, with sloping sides that help cook the rice evenly. The pan is thin, durable, and it distributes heat evenly. The handles are made of high-quality materials and are painted in red. The legs, also painted red, greatly support the burner and pan.

The Steel Paella pan included is made from carbon steel. This material brings the BEST flavor and the favorite crispy rice at the bottom: the Socarrat! Only one hint, every time you use it, before storage, you need to add some Olive Oil to the pan to keep it rust-free. Wash the video included for guidance.