Sheep's milk cheese with White Truffle cut by hand | Queso de oveja con trufa 3kg

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Sheep's milk cheese with white truffle cut by hand | Queso de oveja con trufa 3kg

Sheep's milk cured cheese with white truffle cut by hand. From La Antigua cheese maker, Zamora, Spain.

La Antigua is dedicated of making the highest quality sheep cheeses. Hand made with love and careful dedication, their cheeses have received worl-wide praise and prestige. Their cheeses are well known for: being aged with a watchful eye in the optimal conditions to guaranty the highest quality. Being elaborated with high quality raw sheep milk, for the best aroma and texture. Their natural cheeses are bathed in olive oil. This cheese is well-flavored, with a buttery paste accompanied by mild flavors. The interior is cut with bits of truffle, making the cheese beautiful for serving. Produced by Queserí­a La Antigua in Zamora, Spain. To consume, take the cheese out of the fridge and leave it out until it reaches approximately 20 C, allowing the flavors and aromas to invoke the cheese's intensity. Gluten-free, contains egg products (lysozyme). Cut cheese, up to 6.6 lb/3 kg.

Sheep Cheese Aged in Truffle is a firm, aged, raw sheep's milk truffle cheese from Zamora, Spain. The truffle is added directly to the milk during production. Afterward, the cheese is cured for 5 months in the best conditions. No aromas or oil essences are used in production, allowing the truffle to give the raw milk sheep cheese its unique characteristics. The texture is firm and compact and the aroma is well developed, supplying hints of sweetness and truffle.

**Due to summer temperatures, expedited shipping required,La Antigua.